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Tasmanian Waste and Resource Management Strategy Waste Advisory Committee

The Tasmanian Waste and Resource Management Strategy (the Strategy) has been released with the aim of improving waste management and minimisation in Tasmania. Importantly, the Strategy will guide waste management programs and practices so that current and future needs can be met.

The Strategy is based on the principles of waste reduction, sustainability and best practice in waste management and will lay the foundations for longer term waste management planning.

The Strategy has several objectives including:

• Improved partnerships, coordination and planning;
• Waste avoidance and sustainable consumption;
• Waste minimisation and resource recovery;
• Improved regulation and management of residual wastes;
• Improved data collection and management systems; and
• Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

One of the first strategic actions arising from the Strategy is to establish a Waste Advisory Committee. The Waste Advisory Committee will help facilitate and monitor the implementation of the Tasmanian Waste and Resource Management Strategy. The Committee will provide recommendations and report to the EPA on the progress, delivery and implementation of the Strategy and will report annually through the EPA Board to Parliament.

Expressions of interest are being called for to appoint members who can represent the views and interests of the community and industry sectors. Newspaper advertisements will appear in the three regional newspapers on Saturday, 1st August 2009.

Expressions of interest - now closed
Tasmanian Waste and Resource Management Strategy