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Tasmanian business on road to resource efficiency

Twelve Tasmanian businesses are set to become cleaner and greener as well as more productive and profitable operations.

The businesses have been awarded a share of ,000 from round two of the State Government’s CleanBiz resource efficiency grant scheme.

The projects are excellent examples of how Tasmanian companies can pursue a resource efficiency approach to benefit not only their bottom line, but also Tasmania’s environment.

The grant recipients anticipate cost savings of nearly ,000 annually from their 12 projects by reducing energy use, lowering water consumption, improving material recovery and reducing trips to landfill sites.

The environmental savings from some of these projects is at least 13,000 gigajoules of energy, about 1,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases, and at least 361 tonnes of waste saved from going to landfill.

The grant recipients are:

  • Premium Fresh Tasmania for re-engineering its carrot hydro-cooling system.

  • Botanical Resources Australia for boiler modifications so a higher percentage of the biofuel ‘raffinate’ – an on-site process by-product - can be used in the boiler’s fuel mix.

  • Cadbury Schweppes Claremont to recover high pressure flash steam to be used twice then returned to the boiler as pre-heated feed water.

  • Impact Fertilisers and Index Mineral Processors to introduce an Environmental Management System to drive reduced use of energy, materials and water.

  • Tascot Templeton Carpets P/L to improve heat transfer and the return of steam condensate from the dye-house.

  • Amulet Restaurant to build a demonstration composting system at a community garden for restaurants to recycle organic waste.

  • At+m Integrated Marketing to install a solar hot water system at its Launceston business premises.

  • Marinova to develop infrastructure for converting seaweed waste into soil conditioner and potting mix additives.

  • Fox Design P/L to build a bio-diesel production plant that will use animal tallow from the Cradoc Hill abattoir.

  • Metal Protection Service P/L to install a solvent recovery plant to re-use solvent used in the metal painting process.

  • Nursery and Garden Industry Association for an ‘Enviro-wise’ garden centre at the New Town Station Nursery, where plastic pots will be recycled, rainwater collected, and educational material distributed.

More details of grant recipient resource efficiency projects can be viewed at http://www.environment.tas.gov.au/cleanbiz/