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Tasmanian schools make a commitment to sustainability

Twelve Tasmanian schools have made a commitment to becoming more environmentally sustainable with the Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative to be trialled in Tasmania for the first time.

The initiative is a partnership between the Federal Department of Environment and Water Resources, the Department of Education and the Department of Tourism, Arts and Environment.

As part of the Tasmanian pilot, participating schools will focus their teaching and learning towards sustainability.

Participating schools use real-life learning experiences to explore improvements in their management of resources and grounds including energy, waste, water, landscape design, products and materials.

Each school will receive a grant of and six days of relief to support in-school planning time to develop learning opportunities and sustainable management practices.

Two teachers will be nominated to lead the program in their schools and to attend professional learning sessions.

The Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative is a great way of educating young people about how they can make a difference.
The Federal Government has provided ,000 and the State Government ,240 to fund the pilot in Tasmanian schools.

Lenah Valley Primary is the lead school for the pilot. Other participating schools include Blackman’s Bay Primary, Deloraine High, King Island District High, Lansdowne Crescent Primary, Ogilvie High, Rosetta High, Mount Faulkner Primary, Rokeby High, South Georgetown Primary, the Hutchins School and Woodbridge School.