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Think Tank On New Ways To Better Manage Waste

Specialists on waste reduction and climate change will meet in Tasmania in March to discuss what the Island State can do to better manage waste and address the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions.

Around 200 local, national and international delegates are expected to attend the "Managing Waste in a Changing Climate" conference in Launceston in the first week of March 2009.

Head of Sustainability Programs in the Environment Division Carinda Rue says the conference is regarded as an important event for Tasmania as it provides an opportunity for all levels of government to come together with industry and the community to discuss efforts to better manage our waste.

"The management of our waste is not always forefront in our minds. However, the way we use, dispose and reutilise our resources not only says much about our society, but is becoming an increasingly important field for new technologies, new industries and new ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions," Carinda says.

Local government, industry and business are encouraged to take the opportunity to showcase their efforts in managing waste.

National and international speakers are also being invited to the event to talk about the approaches being taken off-shore.

The conference has been jointly organised by the Department of Economic Development, the Tasmanian Climate Change Office (TCCO) and the Environment Protection Authority, in partnership with the Waste Management Association of Australia.

Improved waste management and recycling can contribute to reducing Tasmania's greenhouse gas emissions profile and emissions reduction target, by delivering significant energy and water savings and conserving non-renewable virgin resources.

The Draft Tasmanian Waste Management Strategy has been released for public comment and provides a key overarching framework for better managing waste into the future. Other key initiatives include the Controlled Waste Management Strategy and the Building and Construction Industry Waste Strategy.

More information about the "Managing Waste in a Changing Climate" conference is available by clicking here