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Time for Aqua to be replaced by a new as yet un named research vessel

Environment Division staff are being asked to put on their thinking caps and come up with a name for the new boat.

After 20 years, the Environment's Divisions trusty scientific and technical research boat 'Aqua' is about to be replaced.

The new aluminium six-metre catamaran is expected to be ready to start by mid February - and needs to be named.

We want your suggestions for the title of the new boat.

Entries will be judged by Warren Jones - and there will be a prize.

The winner will receive the kudos of a vessel named by them PLUS a trip out on the new catamaran.

Environment staff are asked to send their suggestions to Barbara McLeod vis email: barbara.mcleod@environment.tas.gov.au by 12 noon on Wednesday 6 February 2008.