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Time to hang up and drop off

The successful MobileMuster campaign has been extended until March 2008 to allow those who received new phones for Christmas to recycle their old ones.

Environmental officer Maree Bakker said old mobiles and their accessories can be dropped into Service Tasmania shops in Hobart and Launceston.

"MobileMuster aims to recover as much of the materials in these phones for reuse and prevent mobile phones, batteries and accessories ending up in landfill," Maree said

More than 90 percent of the plastics and metals in mobile phones, batteries and accessories can be recovered and used as raw materials.

"Your old mobile can be used to make an amazing range of new materials and products such as stainless steel, plastic fence posts and even jewellery," Maree said.

For more information about mobile phone recycling you can go to www.mobilemuster.com.au or contact Maree.Bakker@environment.tas.gov.au