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Two major pieces of legislation through the Upper House

Hats off to the Environment Division last Wednesday for all their work on two bills which will come into effect shortly.

Environment Division General Manager Warren Jones has offered a big thank-you to all those staff who contributed to the bills - the EMPCA general amendments and a bill inserting a new Division in EMPCA to deal with contaminated sites.

"There are many people to thank, both currently in the Division and former colleagues," he says.

"In particular Liz Canning (contaminated sites) and Steve Howett (EMPCA) have been the main people behind the bills and they have done absolutely fabulous jobs."

The Environmental Management and Pollution Control Amendment Bill 2007 was the outcome of two major reviews of EMPCA.

The Bill included new statutory timeframes for assessment of level 2 activities, new powers for authorised and Council officers to better manage environmental nuisance issues.

It also included a range of other amendments to the Act to implement the recommendations of the two reviews.

The Environmental Management and Pollution Control Amendment (Contaminated Sites) Bill 2007 introduces a new system for the assessment and management of contaminated sites in Tasmania.

The changes to legislation will also be supported by a new contaminated sites audit process, contaminated sites database and a planning schedule and guidelines to assist local government with dealing with contaminated sites.

These other aspects of the contaminated sites project are yet to be finalised.

Fact sheets explaining the changes to the Act will be available in early December.

The amendment Bills are expected to commence in late November 2007.