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Two years on, Tasmanians are hot on trail of litterers

The State’s Litter Hotline has celebrated its second anniversary with a steady increase in the number of Tasmanians reporting littering offences.

The concept of reporting littering offences on-line and to the telephone hotline has been readily embraced with the number of reports steadily increasing since January 2008.

In the past two years 1580 reports to the hotline have resulted in 667 infringement notices, 102 written warning notices and one abatement notice. Three cases have been successfully prosecuted in court.

The Litter Hotline is supported by the Look Who’s Littering – On the Road campaign which focuses on people who toss cigarette butts and other litter from vehicles or dump rubbish on the roadside and in the bush.

The message has been reinforced this summer by an advertising campaign and 92 roadside signs reminding motorists that littering is illegal and penalties apply.

Bus, ferry and air terminals and car rental depots have displayed posters making visitors aware of the Hotline.

The EPA Division is keen to gauge public awareness of the litter laws, the Hotline and the public education campaign.

The public are invited to complete the online Tasmanian Litter Laws survey here

And Tasmanians can join the Look Who’s Littering – On the Road campaign by picking up a distinctive blue and white bumper sticker from Service Tasmania and placing it on their car.

The Look who’s Littering – On the Road’ public education campaign is funded through a partnership between the State Government and the National Packaging Covenant.

Littering penalties start at for offences such as throwing a small single item such as cigarette butt or ATM receipt. Littering large amounts can attract up to a ,000 court-imposed fine.

To report a littering offence, phone the Litter Hotline on 1300 13 55 13 or visit www.environment.tas.gov.au/litter