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Welcome to DTAE from Scott Gadd

I am very pleased to welcome all Environment staff to this Department.

The move of your Division to this Department is a significant change for everyone but I believe it is extremely positive, both for the existing Divisions in the Department and for Environment.

The Environment Division fits very well with this Department’s mission and vision and will complement and add value to the work it has been undertaking.

Our new Corporate Plan states that as Tasmanians we are proud of our prized island lifestyle, our distinctive environment and our creative and vibrant people. That is what this new Department represents and the pursuit of our shared goals to build on and improve these qualities, is what I am asking all staff in Tourism, Arts and the Environment to work towards during the next term of Government and beyond.

I believe that this change will make the Department a stronger organisation. The structure that has been established has been shown to work well. Significant goals have been achieved during the past four years and with the Environment Division on board, we can build on those achievements. This is a challenging but incredibly exciting opportunity which will provide us with an important role to play in the future of this State.

Along with Deputy Secretary David Hudson and other members of the Corporate Services team, I have begun meetings with Department of Primary Industries and Water Secretary Kim Evans and Environment Director Warren Jones to start making the changes as required.

A senior management working group has been established from both Departments to work through the corporate support required for the move. The first report from this working group is attached.

I will make it a priority to visit Environment workplaces as soon as possible to meet you and to find out more about the major projects and programs you are undertaking.

For any queries about the Departmental name change implementation, please contact the Department’s Corporate Communications Manager, Moya Fyfe, on Moya.Fyfe@dtae.tas.gov.au or 6233 8583.