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What to do with those 'old' Christmas cards

Don’t throw them away! Instead you can give them new life.

Maree Bakker, Community Sustainability Officer with EPA Division, is increasingly working in schools, school holiday programs and at festivals to promote the sustainability message, principally Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

She encourages an interactive ‘hands-on’ approach, encouraging kids to ‘learn by doing’.

One such activity is paper craft, where children learn to make gift bags and boxes from old calendars and Christmas cards.

Maree says she has found most children get great satisfaction from making something with their own hands, while saving trees and habitat.

"We often forget, with recycling so readily available to us, that re-using something usually involves a lot less energy in transport and processing. By re-using, we are capitalising on the energy and resources already invested in the original item" Maree says. "Besides that, the images in calendars are usually quite beautiful to work with!"

At this time of year, Maree is running low on last year’s cards and calendars, prompting her to think ahead to Christmas time 2012!

Please save all of your old Christmas cards and calendars from 2011 and give them to Maree on the 6th Floor of the Lands Building in Hobart or Galvin at the Lands Building security desk.