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Wind Turbine Powers Poultry Processing Plant

A large wind turbine used by the Nichols Poultry Farm at Sassafras to supply its processing plant with electricity has been officially commissioned.

The 225 kilowatt wind turbine has attracted a large amount of community interest and support since its installation in March.

The State Government contributed ,000 to the project through the CleanBiz grant scheme, which encourages Tasmanian enterprises to adopt clean, green and resource-efficient practices that are good for business and for the environment.

The CleanBiz scheme is administered by staff in the Environment Division.

This privately-owned wind turbine will enable Nichols Poultry to be more self-sufficient in its energy needs and when it is not needed on site, power will be fed back into the electricity grid.

Minister for Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts Michelle O'Byrne described the turbine as " good for the environment and good for business.  The poultry farm and processing plant expects to reduce its energy bill by about 60 per cent and capital investment in the project is likely to be returned in about three to five years.

Nichols Poultry was among a diverse group of Tasmanian businesses working with the CleanBiz program over the past two years to minimise use of materials, energy and water, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.