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Youngsters adopt botanical theme for recycled art

Youngsters attending Kidsfest at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens were encouraged to consider the environment by transforming trash into art with a botanical theme.

The Environment Division display at the festival was set up for hands-on activities and children were able to make butterflies from cigarette packet foil, ATM transaction chits and shopping dockets.

Children are considered important players in the bid to live more sustainably and display at the festival focused on "little things" like bus tickets and lolly wrappers adding to the litter problem.

Litter Program Coordinator Annie Beecroft said young people are very receptive and can appreciate the "little things" message.

Annie said Kidsfest was an ideal venue to "spread the word" as Tasmania moves towards introducing new litter laws.

Kidsfest activities also included input from other divisions of DTAE such as Parks and Wildlife Service discovery trails and colonial games from the Port Arthur Historic Site.