Environment Protection Notice issued to Recycal Pty Ltd

In accordance with section 44(1)(a) of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (the Act), EPA Director Wes Ford has issued an Environment Protection Notice (EPN) requiring the Recycal Pty Ltd facility at 256 George Town Road Rocherlea to immediately cease using the equipment that produces dust and to cover stockpiles of material that are likely sources of dust on windy days.

The EPN requires Recycal Pty Ltd as a matter of urgency to undertake specific measures to control offsite migration of shedder floc dust emanating from the production, processing and storage of that material, from Recycal's site at Rocherlea.

The EPA is investigating the site and continues to closely monitor it for compliance with environmental laws

The grounds upon which the EPN is issued are set out in the EPN:

 EPN 11589-1 Shredder Floc Dust Control (PDF 229Kb)

The following fact sheet details the EPA's regulation of the site:

 EPA Fact Sheet - Recycal Rocherlea - Regulation (PDF 260Kb)

Published on: 2/02/2024