EPA Annual Report 2022-23

Environment Protection Authority Annual Report 2022-2023 

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is pleased to publish its Annual Report for 2022-23.

2022-23 marked a year of change for the EPA, with its first full financial year as an independent State Authority.

Throughout the year, the EPA has achieved a huge amount of environmental work and progressed several important Government initiatives, all in the interests of protecting Tasmania's environmental sustainability.

Of note was the passing of legislative changes to the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 in early 2023.  The amendments included amongst other things a new section 23AA that provides the Director, EPA with the discretion to publish, provide or make available environmental monitoring information.

The changes to the Act aim to improve transparency and allow public scrutiny of important information about the environmental effects of industries operating in Tasmania's environment, further supporting public confidence in Tasmania's environmental regulatory system.

A small project team within the EPA has been established to work on the development and implementation of a policy framework and publication mechanism for the release of environmental monitoring information.

Phase One of the Release of Environmental Monitoring Information Project was launched in April 2023.  The project is expected to be fully delivered in early 2024.

The EPA Annual Report 2022-23 outlines further information on the achievements and activities of the EPA, and can be found on our Annual Reports page.

Published on: 31/10/2023