EPA considers proposal for a diesel-fuelled boiler at the Greenham Tasmania abattoir in Smithton

​​The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has concluded its assessment of a proposal by Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd for a 10MW oil fuelled boiler at their Smithton abattoir and rendering plant. The boiler is used as a backup to the main woodchip fired boiler and is used to heat water and produce steam for factory operations.

The Acting Executive Director, Environmental Assessment, Alison Hughes, who made the determination under delegation from the EPA Board, concluded that the proposed development could be managed in an environmentally sustainable and acceptable manner, with certain conditions. These conditions are included in an Environment Protection Notice served by the EPA to Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd.

“Various environmental issues were considered by the Board in its assessment, particularly air quality, storage and handling of fuels and the potential for noise nuisance" Alison Hughes said. “These issues have been resolved with application of air quality limits and conditions regarding safe handling and storage of hazardous materials".

Public consultation was open for 14 days from 27 May 2023, and no representations were received in relation to the proposal.

The proposal was considered by the Acting Executive Director in the context of the sustainable development objectives of the Resource Management and Planning System of Tasmania (RMPS), and in the context of the objectives of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control System (EMPCS) established by the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 EMPCA).

The functions of the EPA are to administer and enforce the provisions of EMPCA, to further the RMPS and EMPCS objectives and, in particular, to use its best endeavours to protect the environment of Tasmania.

The Acting Executive Director undertook the assessment of the proposal in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment Principles defined in Section 74 of the Act.

The decision can be viewed at Greenham Tasmania Pty Ltd, Smithton Abattoir and Rendering, 10MW Oil Burner

Published on: 19/07/2023