EPA managing environmental risks at the Port of Devonport

The EPA will remain on-site at the Port of Devonport for some time with the environmental risk not over yet.

The EPA will continue working into the weekend with on water and shore observations. An absorbent boom has been deployed as required to mop up oil pockets. Pleasingly, there has been no visible product observed on the western or eastern beaches beyond mouth of river.

However, while the vessels are still in the water there is a risk of oil and fuel discharge which must be managed.

Therefore, access for the community to some parts of the Mersey River will be limited into the weekend.

As TasPorts begins its salvage operation, the EPA will assist to monitor if any further pollutant leakage occurs during this process.

The vast majority of oil and fuel needs to be removed from the site before it is assessed how the vessels will be moved from underneath the river, which is likely to take some weeks.

The clean-up is also important for local wildlife that might be at risk from ingesting toxins which can be problematic. Any sightings of injured or oiled wildlife can be reported to the Marine Conservation Program (MCP) on 0427 942 537.

The EPA is looking into putting into place a longer-term monitoring program that will last the rest of the year.

Wharf, water, red containment boom, very tops of two vessels showing

Containment Area - Port of Devonport
Photo: EPA

Published on: 2/02/2022