EPA Sustainability Award winners announced

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has announced its winners for the EPA Sustainability Award in the Industry and Community categories.

The Udder Way has won the EPA Sustainability Award for Industry, with Dover & Far South Recycling Unit winning the EPA Sustainability Award for Community.

The winners were announced by Belinda Hazell, Deputy Chair of the EPA Board, on Friday 13 October at the prestigious Gala Presentation Dinner for the 2023 Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards.

The EPA Sustainability Award acknowledges businesses from any industry or community sector who have developed and implemented initiatives that have delivered measurable improvements in preventing pollution, conserving energy and water, minimising waste and/or maximising resource efficiency.

The Udder Way won the Industry Award from a strong field of community achievers.

The Udder Way of Kings Meadows is at the forefront of dairy sustainability with their groundbreaking 18-litre LDPE kegs and cutting-edge dispensing systems. These eco-conscious solutions have eliminated up to 7,000 single-use plastic bottles per keg, resulting in a remarkable reduction of 302.4 kilograms of plastic waste over each keg's eight to ten-year lifespan.

Certified by HACCP International for food safety, these kegs conserve resources, enhance storage efficiency, and elevate user convenience.

The Udder Way's innovative smartphone app further empowers stakeholders and consumers to trace product origins and validate their commitment to a plastic-free dairy industry, driving impactful change on multiple fronts.

Dover & Far South Recycling Unit was established in June 2​023 and has already made a significant impact in rural Tasmania by diverting 223 kilos of small waste from landfills. Their work addresses critical challenges, including a lack of recycling options, awareness, and local government involvement.

Through workshops, market stalls, and local engagement, it fostered recycling awareness, responsible consumption, and affordable, sustainable living. While it doesn't aim for economic gains, it indirectly benefits the community by drawing visitors and earning points for local charities.

By reducing landfill waste and promoting environmental sustainability, it exemplifies the potential of grassroots efforts.

Congratulations again to The Udder Way and Dover & Far South Recycling Unit!

More information: EPA Sustainability Award

Published on: 18/10/2023