EPA to investigate Norske Skog incident

​​​​​The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) will investigate an incident in the Derwent River near the Norske Skog Paper Mill after wastewater not fully treated was found to have been discharged to the river. 

Norske Skog notified the EPA on Wednesday 15 September 2021 that they were experiencing operational issues with the company's effluent treatment plant.

Preliminary investigations have identified that the waste is likely to be waste activated sludge that is meant to be captured and disposed of in an approved manner rather than be discharged into the river.

In accordance with Norske Skog’s Permit, the company has seven days to provide a report to the EPA from the incident. Upon receipt of the report, the EPA will investigate to determine if any breaches of the Permit or Act have occurred.

Published on: 23/09/2021