EPA to investigate Van Dairy Limited compliance with Environment Protection Notices

​Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Director Wes Ford has met with the Circular Head Council General Manager to discuss environmental concerns associated with dairy farms operated by Van Dairy Limited in the North West of the State.

The Circular Head Council has issued nine Environment Protection Notices under section 44 of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 to Van Dairy Limited in relation to requiring improvements in dairy effluent management on nine farms. 

The Council has referred these notices to the EPA to assess the level of compliance with the notices. The EPA will now begin an investigation focusing on how Van Dairy Limited has implemented the requirements laid out in the notices. This investigation will be undertaken jointly with the Council and in close consultation with the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority.

EPA Director Wes Ford will write to Van Dairy Limited to seek a meeting with the owner to discuss the requirements of the notices.

“The management of dairy effluent impacts beyond the boundary of a farm is normally a matter for a council, however the EPA can involve itself where there are significant allegations of environmental harm," Mr Ford said. ​

“In this case, the role of the EPA has been to support the Circular Head Council in its application of the State's environmental legislation, and the EPA has determined that it is now appropriate to provide investigative support to the Council.

“I trust that Van Dairy Limited is committed to investing in the appropriate infrastructure and management systems to ensure the dairy effluent is managed in an appropriate and contemporary manner, both in the short and longer term, and I will be engaging with the company on this basis." ​

For more information please contact the EPA Communications Coordinator on 0436​​ 922 636

​​Environment Protection Notices​​

The following Environment Protection Notices were issued by the Circular Head Council in relation to Van Dairy Limited:

  Environment Protection Notice - 227 Blackwood Road Togari - 2020-003   (313Kb)

  Environment Protection Notice - 856 Rennison Road Togari - 2020-004   (271Kb)

  Environment Protection Notice - The Gums - Woolnorth - 2021-001   (243Kb)

  Environment Protection Notice - The Harcus - Woolnorth - 2021-002   (265Kb)

  Environment Protection Notice - Effluent Dumping Robbins Dairy - Woolnorth - 2021-003   (261Kb)

  Environment Protection Notice - The Denium - Woolnorth - 2021-004   (254Kb)

  Environment Protection Notice - River Downs - Woolnorth - 2021-005   (258Kb)

  Environment Protection Notice - Van Dairy Group - Farnham - Togari - 2021-006   (261Kb)

  Environment Protection Notice - Ransons Park - Lileah - 2021-007   (246Kb)

Published on: 14/04/2021