EPA welcomes IMAS report on environmental impacts in Port Arthur

​​​​​​​​​​​The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has received the final report, Rap​​id visual assessment of rocky reef assemblages in Port Arthur, February 2022 from the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS).

In response to concerns about nuisance algae in Port Arthur, the EPA commissioned IMAS to undertake rapid visual assessment surveys on reef ecosystems in Long Bay and across the broader Port Arthur region.

The purpose of these surveys was to:

  • evaluate the condition of inshore rocky reef ecosystems in Long Bay and the broader Port Arthur region; and
  • investigate potential nutrient enrichment from the finfish farm located at the southern end of Long Bay.

The report outlines findings from surveys in January and June 2021. External scientific peer review of the report has also been undertaken.

As an evidence-based regulator, the EPA welcomes the IMAS report which significantly advances our understanding of environmental impacts in Port Arthur.

The EPA will now consider its response to the report, together with independent EPA monitoring conducted since 2019 and existing Broadscale Environmental Monitoring Program (BEMP) monitoring data.

Copies of the IMAS report and results of the EPA water quality monitoring in the Port Arthur area are available on the ​Tasman Peninsula and Norfolk Bay and Port Arthur Monitoring Program webpages respectively.​​​

Published on: 4/08/2022