Interim approved management method for clean fill disposal

​​With the commencement of the Waste and Resource Recovery Act 2022 (WRRA) on 29 March 2022, consequential amendments have also been made to the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA) and the Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Waste Management) Regulations 2020, relating to clean fill.

Clean fill is a category of general waste that is often produced through the excavation of soil and/or construction and demolition activities.  These amendments cause changes to the regulation of clean fill.

There is new definition in section 3 of EMPCA which specifies clean fill type 1 (natural materials) and clean fill type 2 (construction materials).  Clean fill is no longer exempt from waste regulation, and both types can only be disposed of with a relevant authority (e.g., a permit) or in accordance with an approved management method.

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The Director, Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has approved a management method (AMM) for clean fill disposal, in limited circumstances, to apply for an interim period of around 12 months.  It will commence on 6 April 2022 and expires on 31 March 2023.

This interim AMM allows the disposal of up to 100 tonnes of clean fill on land within a calendar year and includes specific requirements to ensure records are kept and that controlled waste (such as asbestos) is not disposed of as 'clean fill'.

This will allow small-scale use of clean fill to continue until more detailed management of clean fill can be developed and considered in public consultation.

It is recognized that these are significant changes to the regulation of clean fill disposal in Tasmania. It is expected that a person's best endeavours will be used to comply with the interim AMM.

Interim AMM:

Approved Management Method for the Disposal of Clean Fill Type 1 and Type 2 (PDF 482Kb)​

Published on: 6/04/2022