Jenkins Hire Pty Ltd convicted of causing material environmental harm

​The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) welcomes the guilty plea and sentencing last week of Jenkins Hire Pty Ltd and Mr Timothy Jenkins in relation to a number of environmental offences, including causing material environmental harm, relating to the discharge of liquid controlled​​ waste into the Plenty River in September 2020.

Jenkins Hire Pty Ltd and Mr Jenkins were fined a total of $45,000 and required to pay the State of Tasmania $14,711 in compensation for the fish that were killed at the Inland Fisheries Service operated Salmon Ponds as a result of the discharge.

The EPA Director, Mr Wes Ford, said “I welcome the level of fines imposed by the Hobart Magistrates Court, they reflect the serious nature of the discharge of the liquid controlled waste and its impact on the Plenty River, the downstream ecosystem and the direct impact on the Salmon Ponds."

Mr Ford also said, “There is no excuse for this type of pollution incident, and it was entirely preventable." The incident was a combination of the commercial operator accepting more liquid waste at the composting facility than was​ authorised, and then failing to have an adequate management system in place to deal with the waste.

To notify the EPA of pollution or an environmental incident, members of the public are encouraged to call the Pollution Incidents and Complaints Hotline number 1800 005 171.

Published on: 27/02/2024