Marine Incident at the Port of Devonport

​​TasPorts notified the EPA of a marine incident today regarding a collision that occurred at the Port of Devonport involving TasPorts tugs Campbell Cove and York Cove with commercial vessel Goliath.

The EPA is standing up an Incident Response Team and will take the lead on the environmental management responsibilities of the incident. Oil spill response equipment has been deployed around both tugs.

TasPorts’ focus will be on salvage and preventing further spillage from the vessels. The EPA is preparing for further environmental impacts. AMSA is aware of the incident.

The State Marine Pollution Committee has convened and met today at 4.00 pm to discuss response, roles and responsibilities moving forward.

The EPA is working with TasPorts and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania to identify impacted industries and wildlife, and protect and minimise damage.

We thank the community for their support; however, we will not be requesting on-ground volunteer support from the general public at this time due to safety requirements around this response.​​

Please see our Incident Response page for updates as they occur.​

Published on: 28/01/2022