New EPA Board Members appointed

​​​The membership of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Board for the next three-year term has been announced.

The EPA Board will comprise of Andrew Paul, Belinda Hazell, Ian Cresswell, Amanda Locatelli and Mark Gifford, together with EPA Director Wes Ford.

Andrew Paul has been newly appointed as Chairperson of the Board and is experienced in local and national public administration, and environmental and natural resource management.

Belinda Hazell has been re-appointed for a second consecutive term as Member and has been newly appointed as Deputy Chairperson. Ms Hazell continues to bring industry environmental knowledge to the Board.

Ian Cresswell is also a new Member of the Board and has significant national and international expertise in environmental management.

Amanda Locatelli was previously a Deputy Member of the Board and has now been appointed as Member with her experience and knowledge in local government environmental management.

Mark Gifford is new to the Board, bringing environmental management and public administration experience. Mr Gifford has been appointed as a Deputy Member to stand in when another member is unavailable.

The EPA Director, Wes Ford remains on the Board in his statutory position.

The Board's primary functions are to assess environmental impacts and determine appropriate operating conditions for the larger scale developments described in the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA).

The new Board will take up their roles from 16 February 2021.

Outgoing members – Warren Jones, Anthony Ferrier and Colin Buxton are thanked for their contribution to the Board during its previous three-year term.

More information about the roles and responsibilities of the EPA Board and Director

Published on: 29/01/2021