Plenty River area - Organic Waste Management

On farmland in the Plenty River area, a composting activity exists which is authorised under Permit No. 162/09 granted by Derwent Valley Council in 2009 and varied by Environment Protection Notice No. 8894/1 (the Permit). After odour complaints by local residents, an EPA inspection in January 2022 identified significant breaches of the Permit conditions for the composting activity.

In response, Environment Protection Notice (EPN) No. 11098/1 was served to stop the acceptance of any waste to the composting site other than carbon sources that allow the composting process for waste already on site to continue. Deadlines were imposed upon the operator under EPN No. 11098/1 for certain actions.

Two Environmental Infringement Notices (EIN) have been issued to the operator for the Permit condition breaches. Both have been paid.

EPN 11098/1 is still in place. The EPA continues to monitor progress on the composting site.

Permits and EPNs are publicly available at EPA Regulated Premises layer on LISTmap.

Complaints and incidents can be referred to EPA by calling the Incident Response Hotline on 1800 005 171, or email Further details on reporting incidents and complaints can be found on our Pollution Incidents and Complaints webpage. ​

Published on: 29/03/2022