Review of Regulatory Requirements for Marine Based Salmonid Aquaculture

​​​Salmonid farming in the Tasmanian marine environment has been operating commercially since the late 1980s.

Through its Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the Salmon Industry, the Tasmanian Government has a vision to be the 'most environmentally sustainable salmon industry in the world'.

To better understand the international context, the Director, Environment Protection Authority (EPA) commissioned a review of the existing environmental regulatory practices for salmonid farming with a focus on how Tasmanian regulatory practices compare with those of international salmonid farming jurisdictions.

The EPA's review has been peer-reviewed by New Zealand's Cawthron Institute and comments received have been addressed in the final document, Review of Tasmanian and International Regulatory Requirements for Salmonid Aquaculture.

The document outlines international regulatory practices for monitoring the environmental impacts of farming salmonids in net pens and compares international practices to current regulatory practices in Tasmania.

The information contained within this finalised review document will be made available to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania to support development of the proposed Environmental Standard for Marine Finfish Farming

Published on: 18/07/2022