Update on marine incident at the Port of Devonport

​​​The EPA has declared the collision of a commercial vessel and two TasPorts tugs at the Port of Devonport as a Level 2 marine pollution incident.

The EPA Incident Management Team, in collaboration with TasPorts, has successfully deployed oil spill recovery equipment within the area bounded by the oil spill boom deployed yesterday and is using these oil skimmers to remove fuel and oil.

An estimated 10,000 cubic litres of spillage have been removed from the Mersey River so far.

A larger 15-tonne oil skimmer has commenced operation and a second, larger 50-tonne oil skimmer will be mobilised in the next 24 hours.

The removal of diesel fuel and oil from the Mersey River and the removal of waste from the Port will continue to be an immediate priority for the Incident Management Team.

Staff from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania supported by the EPA inspected both sides of the river today and found no sign of injured birdlife or animal casualties.

The community are asked to avoid water activities as the response team’s efforts continue.

Please see our Incident Response​ page for updates as they occur.​

Published on: 29/01/2022