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$600 fine for Illegal Burning of Tyres

15 July 2008
Tasmanians are on notice that burning tyres is illegal. The Director of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), Warren Jones, issued the warning after a fine of $600 was imposed for a tyre-burning incident on the East Coast. Mr Jones said the maximum penalty for this type of offence is $6,000 if prosecuted through the courts. "Tyres are a controlled waste under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994," Mr Jones said. "Burning tyres emit offensive and potentially harmful smoke and it is simply not acceptable to dispose of them in this way. This fine serves as a timely reminder to the community that burning tyres is illegal." Mr Jones said tyre disposal is the responsibility of tyre resellers or owners. "Members of the public can drop used tyres at a waste depot for collection by a tyre disposal operator," he said. "Resellers can either dispose of the tyres at a waste depot or to an authorised tyre disposal operator. The tyre disposal operator will then shred the tyres for resale as a tyre bi-product which is used in horse arenas and playgrounds," Mr Jones said.