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Pulp Mill Permit Amendment

02 September 2008
Environment Protection Authority Director Warren Jones has amended a requirement of the Pulp Mill Permit. Mr Jones said the amendment only dealt with process and related to a requirement for Gunns to develop an operations manual for the solid waste disposal site that is required for the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill development. "A condition of the Pulp Mill Permit required that an operations manual be developed within 12 months of the permit being issued. That time expired on Saturday 30 August 2008," Mr Jones said. Mr Jones said that Gunns applied in early August to have the submission date for the operations manual varied, because of the delay in the commencement of the project. "I have considered the request and decided to amend the permit requirement so that the manual must be submitted 90 days before the solid waste disposal site commences operation." Mr Jones said that he has also taken the opportunity while amending the requirements of the permit to resolve two minor errors that had been found in other conditions. "One clarifies that the spacing of conductors specified for power lines applies only to high voltage lines between towers," Mr Jones said. "The other corrects a condition that specifies that pollution control equipment for the mill must be in place prior to construction commencing, whereas this is clearly intended to be prior to commissioning of the mill."