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EPA investigating Bridport oil leak incident

18 January 2010

The EPA is continuing its investigation into reports of oil leaking onto the beach at Bridport.

EPA Director Warren Jones said that this morning an officer conducted an inspection of the area around the site where the vessel, Southern Condor, was beached for maintenance yesterday.

“The officer has found no evidence of oil on the beach or in the water but has interviewed the master of the vessel,” Mr Jones said.

“The master acknowledged that there had been a small leak from the vessel’s stern tube, small drips which, when noticed, had been collected.

“The Southern Condor is now tied up at the Bridport jetty and a boom has been placed around the stern of the vessel as a precautionary measure.”

Mr Jones said that while there appears to be no environmental damage on this occasion, there had been similar incidents with the vessel in the past.

“The EPA wants to ensure these incidents are not repeated,” Mr Jones said.

“I have been in contact with MAST to seek their assistance and have been advised that MAST has suspended the survey for the Southern Condor until the seals in the stern tube are replaced.”

Mr Jones said there was no sign of oil on the beach or in the water and public safety was not an issue.