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Fine time to clean up Tasmania

01 October 2010

A Tasmanian resident has been fined $650 for illegal rubbish dumping at Seven Mile Beach.

The man, who was traced from material found among the rubbish, deposited more than 55 litres of waste by the side of the road in June this year.

Parks and Wildlife Service officers made the discovery and reported the incident to the Compliance Investigation Section (CIS) of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

The matter was investigated and on 17 September the offender was issued with a Litter Infringement Notice and fined $650 under the Litter Act 2007.

The public can report littering by calling 1300 135 513 or by using the on-line reporting system Look Who’s Littering at www.environment.tas.gov.au.

Between January 2008 and August 2010, 2067 litter reports were made, resulting in 949 infringement notices and 105 written warnings being issued.