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Tassal proposal gains EPA environmental approval

29 March 2011

A proposal to increase fish processing production near Dover has gained environmental approval from Tasmania’s Environment Protection Authority.

Chair of the EPA Board, John Ramsay said the proponent, Tassal Group Ltd, has shown that the required facilities can be built and managed in an environmentally acceptable manner.

“The increased production would require an upgrade of the existing wastewater treatment plant, addition of a diffuser to the outfall located three kilometres offshore in Port Esperance, and an upgrade of the fish waste handling procedures,” Mr Ramsay said.

Tassal has lodged a permit application with the Huon Valley Council for the proposed increase in production.

Mr Ramsay said the new wastewater treatment plant will increase the effluent discharge from the current 240 kilolitres per day to a maximum of 490 kilolitres per day.

"Modelling of the potential impact from effluent emissions shows that these issues are able to be managed satisfactorily through commitments and proposed permit conditions,” Mr Ramsay said.

The Board also noted that the upgrade will result in improved water quality in Port Esperance.

Three representations were received during the public consultation period. The content of these representations was considered as part of the assessment.

Mr Ramsay said the Board’s Environmental Assessment Report has drawn on expertise from specialist officers supporting the EPA as well as consultation with other agencies and authorities.

The EPA Board’s environmental assessment, including conditions required to be attached to any permit issued, has been forwarded to the Huon Valley Council.

The Huon Valley Council will complete the assessment of planning considerations and decide whether to grant a permit.

More details can be found under Completed Assessments 2010-11