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EPA issues fines for dumping household rubbish and green waste

09 June 2011

Two men have been fined for dumping rubbish in Tasmania and ordered to return to clean-up the litter left on the sites.

The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) recently served a $650 Litter Infringement Notice on a north-east man for dumping household waste, including domestic white-goods, on a Forestry Tasmania site.

In the south, a Cremorne man has been issued with a $650 Litter Infringement Notice for dumping green waste on the Tangara Trail on Hobart’s eastern shore.

EPA Director Alex Schaap said the fines should act as a reminder to others that it is illegal to dump rubbish in bushland.

“Both men were also served a Litter Abatement Notice, which specifies that the offender must return to the site to remove all rubbish,” Mr Schaap said.

“Failure to comply with an Abatement Notice can result in a maximum fine of $6500.”

Between January 2008 and I June 2011, 2628 litter reports were made to the Litter Hotline, resulting in 1273 infringement notices, 120 written warnings and four (4) abatement notices being issued.

Anyone witnessing littering in Tasmania can report it to the Look Who’s Littering online reporting system here or phone the Litter Hotline on 1300 135 513.