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Fined for burning Hydraulic Oil

26 July 2011

A Tasmanian company has received a $1300 fine for incinerating hydraulic oil, which is listed as a controlled waste.

EPA Director Alex Schaap said The Engineering Company Pty Ltd was recently issued with a $1300 Infringement Notice for burning the hydraulic oil on their site at Somerset in the state’s north-west.

“An EPA officer went to the company’s Somerset site and upon investigation, the company was issued with the infringement notice,” Mr Schaap said.

“This fine is a reminder that regulations are in place in Tasmania regarding controlled wastes and how to dispose of them properly.”

Controlled waste is the most hazardous category of waste in Tasmania and includes hydraulic oil, tyres, waste oil, asbestos and residue from industrial treatment plants.

“It is not acceptable to dispose of these types of wastes other than by approved methods,” Mr Schaap said.

Controlled waste is defined in the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA)

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