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Illegal dumping in north west bush results in heavy fine for four men

09 July 2013

The EPA has recently issued fines totalling $6500 for the dumping of waste in a forested area in North West Tasmania.

Director EPA Alex Schaap said officers from the EPA Division recently investigated the dumping of a number of car bodies and other waste at St George’s Falls at West Ridgley near Burnie.

“EPA Division officers went to the scene and discovered a quantity of rubbish and a number of abandoned car bodies at St George’s Falls which is one of a number of picturesque waterfalls in the Ridgley area,” Mr. Schaap said.

“The rubbish was located at the base of a high cliff and was too difficult for our officers to descend safely, so we approached the State Emergency Service (SES) for their assistance.”

Four young men from the Burnie area were subsequently fined $1300 each in relation to the dumping of one of the car bodies. One of the men was also fined an additional $1300 for dumping household rubbish at a nearby location.

Mr. Schaap said the successful investigation was the consequence of cross- agency cooperation.

“We were made aware of the incident by BushWatch - a group that that encourages users of the bush to report unusual or suspicious activity and vandalism to the police,” Mr. Schaap said.

“Our ongoing investigations have been successful with the support of BushWatch and the SES and we thank them both for their assistance.”

Regional Manager SES Wayne Richards said it was a great opportunity for the SES to use their skills to assist.

Director, EPA Alex Schaap said the large fines imposed in this instance should act as a deterrent to others who may be tempted to dump their rubbish and other waste in the bush.

“Illegal dumping is an eyesore on the Tasmanian landscape. It adversely impacts on the environment and costs time and money to remove,” Mr Schaap said.

“A number of other vehicles and persons of interest have been identified at the St George’s Falls site and investigations are continuing.”

“If anyone has any information about these abandoned cars, they can contact the EPA Division Compliance and Incident Response Section on 1800 005 171,” Mr. Schaap said.