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Goodbye plastic bags

01 November 2013

Today marks the commencement of the plastic shopping bag ban in Tasmania. 

The ban sees Tasmania join many other regions, cities and towns around the world in reducing the use of plastic bags.

The ban aims to reduce the number of plastic bags in Tasmania by encouraging the use of clean reusable bags.

It is important for people to find ways to remember their bags when they shop.

It’s a good idea to carry some reusable bags in your car, some in the backpack or handbag, plus store some on standby at work.

It’s also a good idea to wash reusable bags in the washing machine regularly so they remain clean and sturdy and can be accepted by retailers.

The ban covers lightweight plastic shopping bags used to carry groceries, takeaway food and retail goods and includes bags labelled as ‘degradable’. 

 The ban does not apply to:

  • Biodegradable plastic bags;
  • Heavier ‘boutique-style’ plastic bags that can be re-used;
  • Re-usable 'green' bags;
  • Ziploc bags
  • Thin-film barrier bags used to wrap prepared foods and fruit and vegetables. These are required for food hygiene purposes. 

Community awareness and concern about plastic shopping bags is high in Tasmania and many retailers and shoppers have already switched to reusable bags and boxes and this ban will help complete that transition.

Where biodegradable or thicker reusable plastic bags are provided by a retailer, there may be a charge for the bag. By remembering to take clean re-usable bags with you when shopping you will be able to avoid this potential charge.

More information about the plastic bag ban in Tasmania can be found on the plastic bags website: www.plasticbags.tas.gov.au.