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EPA Sustainability Award 2014

27 November 2014

A Tasmanian company has taken out this year’s EPA Sustainability Award as part of the Awards Australia - Community Achievement Awards in Tasmania.

The 2014 award was presented to the Hazell Brothers Group for their efforts in rehabilitating the Leslie Vale Quarry.

The EPA Sustainability Award acknowledges businesses and organisations that have developed and implemented initiatives that have demonstrably delivered measureable improvements in waste and resource efficiency.

The Hazell Brothers Group rehabilitation project has minimised the impact of storm water run-off and erosion and has maintained the biological diversity of species at the Leslie Vale Quarry as well as protecting the regenerative capacity of the natural topsoil.

As part of their award submission, the company outlined how staff collect seeds from endemic species onsite and propagate them in a custom-built nursery made from recycled materials sourced from the company’s construction sites.

By using endemic species, the success rate is improved as the plants are common to the area and ensures all rehabilitation works are improvements to the natural habitat. Recycled glass produced at the Quarry is used in the soil mix for propagation and all irrigation for the nursery comes from rainwater tanks.

The EPA Board has been in existence in Tasmania since 2008 as the state’s principal environmental regulator. Its purpose is to regulate developments and activities that may impact on environmental quality and to promote best practice, sustainable environmental management.

The EPA's vision is a Tasmania that is clean, healthy and sustainable. Waste management and resource efficiency are key elements of this.

By sponsoring the EPA Sustainability Award, the EPA has shown a willingness to recognise businesses who have demonstrated leading and best practice in this area and who reap the environmental, economic, and community benefits of focusing on waste and resource efficiency.

For more information about the Awards Australia go to: the 2014 Community Achievement Awards for Tasmania