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Boaters fined for polluting the marina

20 November 2015

Two Tasmanian recreational boaters have been fined for discharging diesel and liquid waste from their vessels in separate incidents at Kings Pier Marina in Hobart.

TasPorts reported both incidents to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), which undertook the investigations and successfully charged both offenders under Tasmania’s environmental legislation.

One boat owner discharged approximately 20 litres of diesel whilst conducting maintenance on his vessel, and the other activated a bilge pump accidently, resulting in the discharge of waste from the vessel’s bilge.

TasPorts and the EPA wish to remind boat owners of their responsibility to protect the marine environment ahead of this summer season. EPA Director, Wes Ford said there was concern about the high incidence of hydrocarbon discharges in and around the marina.

“We’d like boaters to take greater care – not to pollute – and to report pollution incidents immediately so as to minimize the environmental impact,” said Mr Ford.

“In both of the recent cases, the pollution went unnoticed by the vessel owners at the time of the offence,” he said.

“Thankfully the incidents were captured by TasPorts’ security, resulting in an immediate response and report to the EPA,” said Mr Ford.

Diesel discharge is a problem in marine vessels