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New appointments to the EPA Board are being sought

19 May 2017

Expressions of interest are being sought from suitably qualified persons for appointment to the Board of Tasmania’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA). The positions are for the Chair, one Member and three Deputy members and applications are open until 7 June.

The Governor of Tasmania makes appointments to the Board, which are up to three years, with members being eligible for consecutive re-appointment for one term. The new Board of the EPA will replace the current Board which will complete its three-year term on 31 June 2017.

The Board of the EPA and the Director, EPA make up the EPA, which is supported by EPA Tasmania, a Division of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment. The EPA is an integral part of Tasmania’s Resource Management and Planning System. Its jurisdiction includes environmental management and pollution control matters deriving from the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA).

The EPA Board has independent statutory powers under EMPCA. Its primary statutory function relates to the environmental impact assessment of development proposals for large industry in Tasmania. Other statutory functions include the assessment of Environmental Improvement Programs, Environmental Agreements and Environmental Audits under EMPCA. The Board may also advise the Minister on matters that may significantly affect the achievement of the objectives of EMPCA.

A package of ‘Information for Applicants’, defining the criteria for suitability for the positions of Chair, Member and Deputies, is available. Essentially, the Chair must have expertise or experience in public administration and environmental or natural resource management, while the Member must have practical knowledge of, and experience in, environmental management in industry, commerce or economic development.


A person applying for one of the three Deputies positions must have a practical knowledge of, and experience in:


• environmental management in industry, commerce or economic development, or

• with expertise in one or more of the areas of environmental conservation, natural resource management, air, noise or water pollution, management and prevention of waste, environmental health, or social and economic analysis, or

• environmental management in local government.

Expressions of interest close on Wednesday 7 June 2017. A copy of EMPCA is available at www.thelaw.tas.gov.au and further information is available by contacting Alasdair Wells, EPA Tasmania at alasdair.wells@environment.tas.gov.au or telephone (03) 6165 4536.