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News from 2008

15 December 2008
The results of the latest soil and water tests in the yards of several Rosebery residents concerned about their health and living environment have been provided to the residents.
15 December 2008
A research team project has looked at the monitoring of smoke from planned burning in Tasmania.
04 December 2008
An independent toxicologist has begun analyzing information prepared by a specialised team investigating concerns by Rosebery residents about their health and living environment.
18 November 2008
A specialised team investigating concerns raised by Rosebery residents about their health and living environment is to be expanded.
04 November 2008
Officers representing the Environment Protection Authority are assisting Hydro Tasmania to install large booms and skimmers at Lake Paloona as work continues to clean-up oil spilt from the Devils Gate Power Station, south of Devonport.
31 October 2008
The Director EPA Warren Jones has met representatives from Public Health,
the West Coast Council and Oz Minerals to identify the next steps required to
resolve the concerns of Rosebery residents over water pooling on their
15 October 2008
The EPA Board hit the road and travelled to the northwest last week to examine efforts to remediate environmental damage from past mining operations at Savage River.
03 October 2008
The Chair of the Board of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Mr John Ramsay has welcomed the statement of expectation for the EPA Board issued by the Minister for Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts Michelle O'Byrne earlier this week.
29 September 2008
The Director of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Warren Jones says the fining of a former oil recycling business owner over the incorrect disposal of a controlled waste should serve as a warning to others to properly manage their waste.
22 September 2008
The Director of the Tasmanian Environment Protection Authority Warren Jones says the EPA is closely monitoring the Cranbourne landfill situation in Victoria.
22 September 2008
Preliminary investigations into the recent spill from a milk tanker into a creek in the state's north-west indicate no signs of environmental harm.
02 September 2008
Investigations are continuing into a spill from an over-turned milk tanker in Tasmania's north-west on Monday.
02 September 2008
Environment Protection Authority Director Warren Jones has amended a requirement of the Pulp Mill Permit.
30 July 2008
Tasmanians wanting up to date information on air quality can find it on the internet.
15 July 2008
Tasmanians are on notice that burning tyres is illegal.
01 July 2008
The formation of an Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in Tasmania is one step closer with the announcement the first EPA Board.
01 July 2008
The Board of Tasmania's new Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has met for the first time today.