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News from 2009

15 December 2009
A proposal to establish a fish processing facility at Parramatta Creek in Sassafras in the north of the state has gained environmental approval from Tasmania's Environment Protection Authority (EPA).
11 December 2009
The Waste Advisory Committee (WAC) met for the first time in November 2009.
27 November 2009
The EPA recently conducted a survey to gauge stakeholder opinion on the independent authority's values, service delivery, role and functions.
05 November 2009
Public notices have been erected near two sites in the Sandy Bay area after a sewage spill.
03 November 2009
A team effort combined to limit the environmental damage from a sinking vessel leaking diesel at Bicheno on the State's east coast.
29 October 2009
The EPA Annual Report for 2008-09 is now available.
12 October 2009
The EPA Board have approved membership for the new Waste Advisory Committee (WAC).
14 September 2009
Tasmania's air quality monitoring network has tracked dust deposits from the Simpson Desert and possibly other parts of the mainland covering a wide part of Tasmania over the weekend.
05 August 2009
Effective regulation, tracking environmental performance and community empowerment and engagement are key focus areas identified by the EPA in Tasmania as part of its Strategic Plan for 2009-2010.
31 July 2009
The Tasmanian Waste and Resource Management Strategy (the Strategy) has been released with the aim of improving waste management and minimisation in Tasmania.
22 July 2009
The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is responding to a fuel spill in Waubs Bay at Bicheno.
16 July 2009
A shipping firm has been today been fined $7,500 in the Hobart Magistrates Court for discharging an oily mixture from a vessel at the port of Burnie in 2007.
23 June 2009
Tasmanians are advised that anyone advertising second-hand wood heaters (and other solid fuel heaters) for sale should be aware that the sale of heaters not manufactured to the 1999 version of the Australian Standard AS/NZS 4013 is now prohibited.
17 June 2009
A proposal to build a liquid natural gas (LNG) plant near Westbury has gained environmental approval from Tasmania's Environment Protection Authority (EPA).
10 June 2009
A recent study to update information about soil contamination in parts of Hobart has supported advice that the metal levels in soils still pose only a low health risk to residents.
13 May 2009
The first in a series of new air quality monitoring stations in regional Tasmania has started operating in the state's north east.
05 May 2009
The EPA Board has welcomed the outcomes of a suite of environmental projects designed to protect, restore and enhance the Tasmanian environment and promote sustainable resource use.
20 April 2009
A new network of air quality monitoring stations in Tasmania will start operating later this month.
15 April 2009
The Director EPA Warren Jones has received the first Environmental Performance Report from Gunns in relation to the proposed Bell Bay pulp mill.
03 April 2009
The project team investigating health concerns raised by a group of Rosebery residents has presented its report to the Director of Public Health and Director of the Environment Protection Authority.
13 March 2009
A company has been convicted and fined in the Burnie Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to allowing dairy effluent to pollute a waterway at Smithton.
02 March 2009
An independent toxicologist has presented his final report to the project team set up to investigate health concerns raised by a group of Rosebery residents.
17 February 2009
The Board of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) of Tasmania will hold an annual roundtable of key stakeholders to discuss strategic and emerging environmental issues.
11 February 2009
The MOU between the EPA and the FPA is now available to view.
10 February 2009
The signing of a MOU between the Environment Protection Authority and the Forest Practices Authority covers matters of overlapping jurisdiction in relation to the impacts of forestry activities in Tasmania.
03 February 2009
Officers representing the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) are investigating a sewage spill at Victoria Dock in Hobart.
02 February 2009
Transport, quarantine treatment and elevated water temperatures in Lake Pieman at the time thousands of juvenile eels were released earlier this month have been identified as key factors in their deaths.
23 January 2009
The presence of a pinkish-red coloured slick in the Derwent estuary has been reported to the EPA by a number of Hobart residents.
20 January 2009
The Environment Protection Authority has provided an update into the investigation regarding the discovery of dead juvenile eels (elvers) and juvenile fish in the Pieman River near Rosebery last week.
15 January 2009
The Environment Protection Authority is investigating the discovery of a large number of dead eels and fish in the Pieman River near Rosebery on the state's west coast.