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National Environment Protection Council (Tasmania) Act 1995


Tasmania’s National Environment Protection Council Act 1995 (NEPCA) mirrors corresponding legislation made by the Commonwealth and other States and Territories. This legislation collectively provides the basic framework for the development of national environmental standards in Australia.

NEPCA came into effect on 29 November 1995.

Legislation Online

The Act is available online at Tasmania’s The Law website.


Provisions of NEPCA include:

Background and Review

NEPC and the NEPC Acts were an outcome of the Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment, which was made at a Special Premiers Conference in October 1990 and which came into effect in May 1992. Tasmania’s NEPCA was made and came into effect in 1995.

The Commonwealth NEPC Act was reviewed in 2001 and the review report was tabled in both Houses of the Tasmanian Parliament. In accordance with the review report’s recommendations the Commonwealth Act and Tasmania’s NEPCA were amended in 2003. The amendments introduced provision for minor variations to NEPMs, provision for five-yearly reviews of the Commonwealth, State and Territory NEPC Acts and expanded the role of the NEPC Service Corporation.

In 2007 another review was commissioned by the NEPC. A report was delivered in June 2007 and subsequently tabled in all Australian Parliaments. A key conclusion of the report was that “the NEPC system is operating reasonably effectively, given its legislative and financial limitations”. NEPC accepted recommendations in the report to make several amendments to the mirror legislation, and action to amend the Commonwealth legislation has commenced. Tasmania’s NEPCA will be amended as soon as possible after amendments are made to the Commonwealth legislation.

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