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Environment Protection Policy (Air Quality) 2004


The Environment Protection P​olicy (Air Quality) 2004, also known as the Air Quality EPP, provides a framework for the management and regulation of point and diffuse sources of emissions to air for pollutants with the potential to cause environmental harm. The EPP was developed to help regulatory authorities and industry maintain and improve Tasmania’s air quality.

  EPP (Air Quality) 2004   (253Kb)

The EPP was made under section 96K of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA) and came into effect on 1 June 2005.

Environmental Values

The environmental values to be protected under the Air Quality EPP are:

  • the life, health and well-being of humans at present and in the future;
  • the life, health and well-being of other forms of life, including the present and future health, wellbeing and integrity of ecosystems and ecological processes;
  • visual amenity; and
  • the useful life and aesthetic appearance of buildings, property and materials.


Provisions of the Air Quality EPP include:

  • application and objectives;
  • environmental values and standards;
  • managing point sources of air contaminants; and
  • managing diffuse sources of air contaminants.


Section 96N of EMPCA requires the Minister to review an environment protection policy at least every 10 years after it comes into effect. The Air Quality EPP was reviewed in May 2015, ten years after it came into effect. A Review Report​​ has been prepared and accepted by the Minister as fulfilling this statutory review obligation.  

  Environment Protection Policy (Air Quality) 2004 Review Report July 2015   (262Kb)

Supporting Documents

Information bulletins have been issued to provide a brief explanation of the provisions of the Air Quality EPP. A bulletin for the community and a bulletin for industry and government are available.

  EPP (Air Quality) 2004 - Community Information Bulletin   (84Kb)

  EPP (Air Quality) 2004 - Industry and Government Information Bulletin   (96Kb)


Public consultation on a Draft Air Qualit​y EPP and impact statement was conducted in 2001. Submissions on the draft, and response comments from the Department, were used by the Environment Protection Policy Review Panel to review the draft policy. The EPP Review Panel presented a report and​​​ modified Policy to the Minister in November 2002. The Air Quality EPP was subsequently made in December 2004 and came into effect in June 2005.​​​​​

  Draft Air Quality EPP and Regulatory Impact Statement   (264Kb)

  EPPRP Review of Draft Air Quality EPP   (420Kb)

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