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EPA Regulated Premises Information

​​​​The EPA regulates over 500 pr​​emises across the State for a wide range of 'environmentally relevant' activities, including industrial premises (Level 2 Activities) and contaminated sites, under the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994

For each activity, legal documents are generated which specify the conditions under which the activities are to operate. These documents are legally available to the public and are now directly accessible via LISTmap which is the Tasmanian Government's online map viewer containing a wide range of information. 

The new layer which has been created on LISTmap is called 'EPA Regulated Premises'. It identifies the location of regulated premises as well as the regulatory documents that apply to each site. There are several types of documents available including Permits (PCEs), Environment Protection Notices (EPNs), Environmental Licences (ELs) and Contaminated Land Notices (CLNs). 

These documents are linked directly to the EPA's internal regulatory database so that any changes are automatically updated to LISTmap within 24 hours. This service ensures that the public are provided with up-to-date information on environmental regulation throughout Tasmania.

LISTmap users need only search for a particular location in the State and click on the link on the map of Tasmania to download relevant environmental regulatory information. Go directly to the EPA Regulated Premises layer on LISTmap or from LISTmap, navigate by selecting the 'Layers' tab and adding the EPA Regulated Premises layer, which is under the Environment category.

We welcome your feedback on the service, its usefulness and functionality.

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