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Fee Remissions Register

This Register lists annual fee remissions that have been granted by the Director, Environment Protection Authority under regulations 9 and 10 of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control (General) Regulations 2017.

A summary of the register appears below or you can download the full Fee Remissions Register here.

Remission Holder Activity Location
Basslink Pty Ltd High Voltage DC Electricity Interconnector George Town
BIS Industrial Logistics Pipers River Gravel Pit Pipers River
Ecka Granules Australia Pty Ltd Aluminium powder works Bell Bay
Gunns Limited Woodchip mill Hampshire
Gunns Limited Woodchip mill Longreach
Gunns Limited Sawmill Smithton
Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd Quarry Calder
Hobart City Council McRobies Road Refuse Disposal Site South Hobart
J R & A L Treloar Extractive pit Mersey River
Kemp & Denning Ltd Oyster Cove Clay Pit Oyster Cove
Koppers Wood Products Pty Ltd Wood Preservation Works Longford
Lloyds North Pty Ltd Quarry Kindred
Lloyds North Pty Ltd Quarry Ulverstone
McKay Investments Pty Ltd Sawmill St Helens
McKay Timber Sawmill Bridgewater
McKay Timber Sawmill Glenorchy
Mornington Park Development Pty Ltd Mornington Quarry Mornington
Stephen Radford Quarry Molesworth
Tascot Templeton Carpets Pty Ltd Textile factory East Devonport

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