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Metallurgical & Chemical

The EPA is responsible for actively regulating a diverse range of processing and manufacturing chemical industries, metallurgical industries, and environmentally sensitive heavy industries Statewide. 

These industries include large smelters (aluminium and zinc), cement and lime kilns and associated extractive activities (clay and limestone), superphosphate fertiliser manufacture, foundries, premix bitumen plants, alkaloid and pyrethrum extraction and processing, bearing manufacturing, waste oil treatment/refining, biodiesel production, specialist chemical works and acid manufacture.

In view of the diverse nature of these industries, there are a broad range of environmental issues that may be associated with some activities, including:

  • site contamination (largely historical);
  • groundwater contamination and treatment where necessary;
  • industrial wastewater treatment and disposal;
  • discharge water quality and monitoring;
  • atmospheric emission quality and monitoring;
  • noise, dust and odour emission management;
  • controlled and industrial waste management and recycling; and
  • industrial landfill management.

Industrial Operations Section
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