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Okehampton Bay Annual Environmental Report

​​​An Annual Environmental Report (AER) addressing the information requirements of condition 2.6 of the Marine Farming Licence 236 has been submitted by Tassal. The AER summarises key information regarding monitoring (video and benthic surveys; beach surveys), modelling (sediment deposition) and condition of sensitive receptors (reef and seagrass surveys).

The first AER covers the period September 2017 (commencement of fish farming) to the end of April 2018. Subsequent AERs will cover 12-month reporting periods (May to April).

The AER has been accepted by EPA Tasmania as meeting the requirements of the condition.

​The AER comprises the main report and six appendices, available below:

Annual Environmental Report

Benthic Monitoring Report

Depositional Modelling Report

Seagrass Monitoring Report

Reef Monitoring Report

ACDP Current Monitoring Report

Broadscale Monitor​ing​