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Norfolk Bay

On 7 August 2018, the Secretary of DPIPWE issued a Permit under the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 to Huon Aquaculture for finfish farming at Green Head, Norfolk Bay until 31 December 2018. An Environmental Licence (EL), issued by the EPA Director, was also required to authorise the activities within the Permit. In his consideration of whether to grant an EL to Huon Aquaculture, the Director required the company to provide a range of supporting information. This included an interim baseline environmental survey report, a noise report in relation to the vessel, Captain Bill, and a report on stakeholder engagement conducted by Huon.

The Director endorsed the interim baseline report, providing Huon with approval to commence deployment of marine farming equipment and moorings into the permit area. The EPA noise specialist advised that the noise report for the vessel Captain Bill was satisfactory and several noise-related conditions were included in the EL. The EPA has reviewed the stakeholder engagement plan.

Copies of the relevant documents are provided below:

Environmental Licence #9957

EPA Director's cover letter

EPA Director's Statement of Reasons

EPA's Baseline Environmental Survey specifications, July 2018

Huon's Baseline Environmental Assessment Report, August 2018

Noise Survey Report

Huon's Stakeholder Engagement Document (updated) and Report Appendices

Huon's Application for MF117

Marine Farming Permit for MF117