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Decommissioning Storage Systems

​​​​Please note that Workplace Standards Tasmania also has requirements in relation to the decommissioning of underground petroleum storage systems.

Decommissioning Storage Systems that were in use on or after 31 March 2010

If a UPSS, which was in use on or after 31 March 2010, ceases to be used, then within 2 months an infrastructure owner must

  • Temporarily decommission the system; or
  • Permanently decommision the system.​

The 2 month timeframe is extended to 4 months if the system is not in use due to repair or replacement or loss verification or an environmental site assessment are being carried out.

Further information on per​manent decommissioning requirements in the UPSS Regulations is available on this website.

Temporary Decommissioning

A UPSS should only be temporarily decommissioned if there is an intention to re-use the storage system within 12 months (e.g. it may be triggered by the sale of a property, change of lessee etc). Otherwise, the storage system should be permanently decommissioned. In addition, if a temporarily decommissioned UPSS has not returned to use within the 12 month period, the Infrastructure Owner must permanently decommission the storage system in accordance with the UPSS Regulations. Further information including a summary of requirements relating to Temporary Decommissioning is available on this website.​

Decommissioning Abandoned Storage systems (not in use on or after March 31 2010)

The UPSS Regulations do not require that abandoned storage systems are decommissioned within a certain timeframe. The intent of the regulations is that abandoned storage systems will be decommissioned when the infrastructure owner determines that they want to decommission the storage system (for example during redevelopment of a site, as part of a sale agreement etc).

Further information and a summary of the requirements in the UPSS Regulations are available on the Decommissioning Abandoned Storage Systems web page.

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