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UPSS Registration - Including change of system operator and/or infrastructure owner

Regulation 7 of the Environmental Management and Pollution Control (Underground Petroleum Storage Systems) Regulations 2010 (UPSS Regulations) requires that a landowner, in respect of a storage system, must ensure that the Director is notified in the approved form within 30 days after a person becomes an infrastructure owner, or a system operator, of the storage system. A link to the form is available under Related Documents on the right of this web page.

This requirement only applies to storage systems that were in use on or after 31 March 2010.

Regulation 37 of the UPSS Regulations required that a landowner notify the Director, EPA of the storage systems on their land that were in use on 31 March 2010. The Director should have received this information by 30 September 2010. If this information was not supplied to the Director by this date the landowner is in non-compliance with the UPSS Regulations and significant penalties can apply. If the UPSS on your land have not been registered please complete and submit the UPSS Registration Form as soon as possible.

Note: If new UPSS have been installed, the system operator must complete an ‘Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) Notification of a New Storage System Form’ for these new UPSS. See: Installing a New Fuel Tank​.

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